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Excellent course this week.  Congratulations on your great work.

TLW Terry L. Whipple MD Chief of Orthopaedics American Self, PLC

Great Job!  Thank you very much!   Dr. Gustavo Mantovani Ruggiero Sao Paulo Hand Center

I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding course this year!  Everything was well planned and coordinated and I truly enjoyed the anatomy lab course with Sue Michlovitz. Christina de Armas


Well Done!

Amazing commitment, and effort 
Thanks for a great few days 
Gregory Bain, MD
"Great job with the course! It was an honor to participate."
Stacey Berner, MD

"The Miami Hand course is one of the best educational platforms available in terms of value and content with the latest "cutting edge" information and a growing focus for clinicians."

Therapists will gain knowledge regarding the latest evidence-based practice for orthopedic and neurological conditions affecting the upper extremity,by some of the top experts in the field.
Don't miss 2013!"
Regina Lefauve OTR/L C.S.S.T
EBO Evidence-Based Outcomes/DJO
Clinical Consultant Upper Extremity 


Greetings from Finland !

I warmly thank you for your excellent course !

Niina Ruopsa, MD


 "This is an incredible learning experience which includes current cutting edge surgies and evidenced based rehabilitation techniques. A course where the symbiotic relationship between the hand surgeon and the hand therapist is embraced in order to achieve optimal outcomes with our patients. "

Jerry Coverdale OT, CHT
Immediate Past President ,ASHT
"Thank you for everything, a great meeting for Tri-Medics.  Networking was key, especially outside the US.  Look forward to next year, so count us in!"
Bradley Bender


"Wow!  What a great event,  thanks again for the invitation. It was a great turnout and I had remarkable booth traffic.  I look forward to contributing in future events. "
Andrew LeFevre


"First of all congratulations to you for putting together such a wonderful meeting. From my point of view I though it was a great success and certainly the informal feedback that I had from the delegates was just as positive. Well done and looking forward to next year!" 

Nick Goddard, MD


“As a vendor at the recent hand surgery course, I was quite pleased with the amount of time I had to interact with the attendees.  Having been in the industry now for almost 17 years and attending approximately 50 conferences a year, I can honestly say that this meeting offers the best exposure I have ever had in my career.”
Bob Calder

"Excellent course.  Congratulations on your great work!  Thank you very much."

Terry L. Whipple, MDChief of OrthopaedicsAmerican Self, PLC 

"I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding course this year!  Everything was well planned and coordinated and I truly enjoyed the anatomy lab course with Sue Michlovitz." 

Christina DeArmas, Laredo, Texas


Folks – I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in hand surgery – excellent value and the contacts that you will make are going to prove invaluable

Godfrey Araujo, MD


I highly recommend this meeting to every hand surgeon.

Ofer Rodriguez, D.O.Board Certified Plastic Surgeon







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Susana Rylander- Course Director






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