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Excellent course this week.  Congratulations on your great work.

TLW Terry L. Whipple MD Chief of Orthopaedics American Self, PLC

Great Job!  Thank you very much!   Dr. Gustavo Mantovani Ruggiero Sao Paulo Hand Center

I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding course this year!  Everything was well planned and coordinated and I truly enjoyed the anatomy lab course with Sue Michlovitz. Christina de Armas



8850 Northwest 20th Street Doral, FL 33172

 ( Please note that the lab is limited in size.  Register early if you would like to reserve a seat in the cadaver lab. )


2013 Miami Hand Course Cadaver Lab
Monday March 18th
Van transport from Doral Resort to MARC    7:45 AM
Registration /Continental breakfast                8:00AM   
Lab  Begin                                                            9:00AM  PROMPT
9:00- 10:30 Wrist Arthroscopy (Dr. Nagle, Dr. Rekant)
1.      Biomet JuggerKnot Mini 1.0mm all suture anchor used for Scapho-lunate ligament repair
2.      Integra –  First Choice Partial DRUJ (Dr. Adams)
10:30-12:00 Hand Arthroscopy (CMC, MCP) (Dr. Yao,Dr. Badia)
  1. Arthex -CMC Tightrope repair – Dr. Yao
  2. Biomet -JuggerKnot Mini 1.0mm all suture anchor used for UCL (thumb) and flexor/extensor tendon repair in the digits
12:00-1:30 LUNCH– LIVE -Arthroscopic surgery – Dr. Badia 
(Nagle at Surgery Center, Hayton & Rekant at MARC Center)
1:30-3:30 Elbow Arthroscopy/Radial Head Arthroplasty (Dr. Sanchez-Sotelo)
  1. IntegraIntegra EndoRelease Cubital Tunnel System (Badia)
  2. Acumed – Anatomic Radial Head
  3. Biomet – Jugger Knot & Radial head
a)    JuggerKnot 1.4mm all suture anchor used for lateral collateral ligament repair in the elbow
b)    Ziploop with Ziptight used for distal biceps repair and tommy johns procedures
c)     ExploR Radial Head replacement system
d)    ExploR/ALPS Elbow (Hand Innovations) elbow/radial head plating
3:30-5:00 PIP Arthroplasty (Dr. Rekant/Dr. Hayton)
SBI (Badia) – SR PIP
For more information:
Susana Rylander- Course Director






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