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Excellent course this week.  Congratulations on your great work.

TLW Terry L. Whipple MD Chief of Orthopaedics American Self, PLC

Great Job!  Thank you very much!   Dr. Gustavo Mantovani Ruggiero Sao Paulo Hand Center

I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding course this year!  Everything was well planned and coordinated and I truly enjoyed the anatomy lab course with Sue Michlovitz. Christina de Armas


2013 Faculty

Brian Adams, M.D.                              Iowa City, IA   

Jeffrey Yao, M.D.                                 Palo Alto, CA

Mark Rekant, M.D.                              Philadelphia, PA

Daniel Nagle, M.D                               Chicago, Il

Mike Hayton, M.D.                              Wrightington, UK

Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo, M.D.         Madrid/Mayo Clinic

Alejandro Badia, M.D.                        Miami, FL

Tracy Fairplay P.T/ F.T                       Bolgona, Italy




2012 Faculty

Alejandro Badia, M.D.                   Miami, FL  (Badia Hand to Shoulder Center)

Riccardo Luchetti, M.D                Rimini,  Italy                   

Randall Culp, M.D.                         Philadelphia, PA

Eduardo Pereira, M.D.                 Sao Paolo, Brazil

Stacey Berner M.D.                      Baltimore, Maryland

Michael Hausman, M.D.              New York, N.Y.

Gregory Bain, M.D.                       South Australia

Jerry Coverdale, OT,CHT            Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tyson Cobb, M.D.                          Davenport, IA          


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Susana Rylander- Course Director






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